PhD in Informatics (Computer Science and Engineering)

Applications are not currently oppened

The Dual PhD program will be hosted by the Departments involved at Carnegie Mellon University, namely, the Computer Science Department of the School of Computer Science and the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department of the College of Engineering, and by the Department of Informatics of FCUL.

NB - Informatics is a common designation in Europe which stands generically for Computer Science and Computer Engineering.

Students may apply to the CMU-Port@FCUL doctoral program in general, in which case their application may be directed to either or both departments, CS and ECE, in the way that will maximize their chances of success. Alternatively, they may state a preference in the letter of intent of their application, for one of the departments, in which case their application will be directed to the relevant department.

Main hosting institution in Portugal will be LaSIGE, one of the research laboratories of the Department of Informatics (DI) at FCUL. Currently hosts 87 researchers, of which 22 DI faculty and 41 graduate students (PhD/MSc), all of them involved in the more than 20 national and international ongoing research projects, with close ties to other EU and US research teams. Senior LaSIGE researchers are regularly involved in the international research arena such as program committees, scientific evaluation boards, steering committees and advisory boards, EU/US summits and workshops, journal editorial boards. LaSIGE features a large coverage of ICT areas:

  • distributed systems;
  • network algorithms and protocols;
  • human-computer interaction and multimedia;
  • databases and information systems.