Joint Research

The program has a duration of 5 years, divided in two phases. Besides community building actions, two exploratory projects are defined for the first phase, which will serve to: address perceived research problems; establish research relationships and trust relations; better organize global discussions and braining-storming; and promote the definition of more structured ideas leading to focused projects in the second phase. Projects description follows.

Phase 1: Community building and exploratory research. Duration: 2 years

Community Building - structured in two working groups: WG1 - Security and Dependability of Large-scale Computer Systems; WG2 - Secure Systems of Embedded-Systems.

Exploratory Research - structured in two projects: P1 - Security and Dependability of Large-scale Computer Systems; P2 - Secure Systems-of-Embedded-Systems.

  • Project 1 - Task 1 - Ultra-resilient IP-based systems
  • Project 1 - Task 2 - Modeling and experimental assessment of threats to distributed computer information and control systems
  • Project 2 - Task 1 - Trustworthy dynamic Systems-of-Embedded-Systems (SoES) architectures
  • Project 2 - Task 2 - Dependable Adaptation for Survivability

Phase 2: Focused Projects. Duration: 3 years

- Details: TBD at the end of phase 1.