Executive Summary

This initiative aims at setting up a joint-venture which, as a criterion of success, expects to become internationally visible as a distributed centre of excellence for its results in state-of-the-art scientific research and advanced education, in the field of Information Processing and Networking, and more specifically in Information and Infrastructure Security and Dependability. This project differentiates itself by addressing such difficult issues as the Internet and the Critical Information Infrastructures of the future.

On the CMU side, this initiative draws mainly from programs and faculty from both the College of Engineering (CE), and the School of Computer Science (SCS), namely the Departments of Electrical and Computer Engineering (CE-ECE) and the Department of Computer Science (SCS-CS). From the Portuguese side, there is the major involvement of the University of Lisboa Faculty of Sciences (FCUL), through the Department of Informatics, and the collaboration of researchers from two other main universities, namely the University of Coimbra Faculty of Sciences and Technology (FCTUC), through the Department of Informatics, and the University of Aveiro (UA), with the Instituto de Engenharia Electrónica e Telemática de Aveiro. 

Key personnel from FCUL involved in the program, both at the education and research level, are Paulo Veríssimo, António Casimiro, Miguel Correia, Nuno Neves and José Rufino, together with Henrique Madeira from FCTUC and André Zúquete from UA. From CMU, key personnel involved in the program are David Garlan, Phil Koopman, Bruce Krogh, Roy Maxion, Priya Narasimhan, Raj Rajkumar, Mike Reiter, and Jeannette Wing.

The initiative will encompass the following three activities, which will involve the participating institutions in several ways: Master of Science in Information Technology - Information Security (MSIT-IS); Carnegie Mellon PhD degree-granting program; Joint Research program. Either graduate program will confer a dual degree to the successful candidates, respectively from the Carnegie Mellon University and from the University of Lisboa Faculty of Sciences.

The Joint Research program is designed to take advantage of the complementarities of research made on each side, in the areas of Information and Infrastructure Security and Dependability.

A number of scholarships are available to cover the tuition and expenses of students in either program, regardless of their nationality.